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Strap-on Harness

Starting from $20
  • Info

    Need help holding our thing on your thing? Here is an inexpensive way to keep it on so you can get it on. The fully adjustable straps fit most, and the flexible 2" nitrile ring works well to secure a wereable or solid toy to you. These harnesses have two straps in back that circle the legs rather than one up the middle. This leaves the back door open for... reasons!

    Note that unlike our other harnesses, these are not made by us and are manufactured in China.
  • FAQ

    1. What are these things made of?
      As we mentioned, we don't make these ourselves, so the materials differ from our regular harnesses. According to the manufacturer, ingredients include polypropylene, PVC, ABS plastic, nickel-free metal hardware, and nitrile.
    2. Do you color match?
      You can have this in any color you'd like, as long as you'd like it to be black.
    3. Will your harness fit me? Do you need measurements or size match?
      This harness was designed to fit most body shapes and sizes and to be very adjustable.
  • Dimensions

    • Max waist size: 65"
    • Max upper thigh size: 40"
    • Included ring size (inner diameter): 2"
    • Included ring size (outer diameter): 2¹⁄₄"
    • Included ring size (thickness): ³⁄₁₆"
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