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The Tail Light

Bright as fuck!
Starting from $50
  • Info

    Bring some light to where the sun doesn't shine with our silicone light bulb and fixture! They glow bright green in the dark, providing the perfect ambiance for a late-night romp. Plus, they're safer than candles - if you get a bit rough and knock them off the headboard, they won't light your bedroom on fire. For those more adventurous, you can find creative ways to turn out the light.

    Our brightest idea ever! Available in standard and torpedo style bulbs.
  • FAQ

    1. What are these things made of?
      We use only premium materials; our silicone toys are all phthalate-free, platinum-cure silicone. They are completely body safe.
    2. How should I clean these toys?
      For a quick clean, warm, soapy water will work well. For a complete clean, we recommend submerging the toy in boiling water for several minutes.
    3. How should I store silicone toys?
      Before storing, you can lightly powder your toys with corn starch. This will help to keep them clean and lint-free. Only store platinum silicone toys with toys made from the same quality material, as lesser quality material can react and leach dyes and chemicals. In this case, it is best to wrap your toys in soft cloth to keep them separated.
    4. Do you color match?
      Not on these, sorry!
    5. Can you customize the shape of my toy?
      Nope, sorry! Currently, modifications beyond those listed when you configure yours are not possible.
  • Dimensions

    • Circumference (Standard): 7³⁄₈"
    • Circumference (Twisty Torpedo): 5³⁄₄"
    • Diameter (Standard): 2³⁄₈"
    • Diameter (Twisty Torpedo): 1¹³⁄₁₆"
    • Total Height (Standard): 4³⁄₄"
    • Total Height (Twisty Torpedo): 5³⁄₄"
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      Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.