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Dog eggs?!
Starting from $90
  • Info

    Here by popular demand is our newest, canine-inspired ovipositor, Bork!

    According to our latest research, it was found that this species of alien "ties" with its mate in a manner similar to earth canines, the engorged penis locking into position for the depositing of eggs rather than sperm.

    Based on our popular Fluffer dildo, Bork sports a nice set of large balls to provide a sturdy base, and a knotted, moderately textured shaft that stays firmly put once inserted. As gelatin eggs are pushed up through, the added girth creates intense pressure in all the right places, followed by a "pop" as the eggs are expelled out the tip and into its host.

    Bork is designed to be used with our medium and small egg molds, and insertion tool.

    Fetch one today! It'll give new meaning to the words "sit" and "stay".

    This item is sold as a novelty only. We're not responsible for how you choose to use it.
  • FAQ

    1. Are they safe for anal use?
      We are not doctors, and cannot comment on what is safe for you, but the idea is that if you use plain gelatin eggs per our instructions, they should "melt" with body heat if they become stuck.
    2. What are these things made of?
      We use only premium materials; our silicone toys are all phthalate-free, platinum-cure silicone. They are completely body safe.
    3. How should I clean these toys?
      For a quick clean, warm, soapy water will work well. For a complete clean, we recommend submerging the toy in boiling water for several minutes.
    4. How should I store silicone toys?
      Before storing, you can lightly powder your toys with corn starch.   This will help to keep them clean and lint-free.   Only store platinum silicone toys with toys made from the same quality material, as lesser quality material can react and leach dyes and chemicals.  In this case, it is best to wrap your toys in soft cloth to keep them separated.
    5. Do you color match?
      Yes, we can attempt to color match most colors or pictures for silicone toys. Please send references to [email protected] to confirm if you are unsure.  When ordering, please choose "custom" in the options and put your reference in the notes.  Please note that not all colorations are possible.  If you have a difficult request, it is always best to email us first.
    6. Can you customize the shape of my toy?
      Nope, sorry! Currently, modifications beyond those listed when you configure yours are not possible.
  • Dimensions

    • Total Length: 7¹⁄₂"
    • Usable Length: 5¹⁄₂"
    • Shaft Length (Below Knot): 1"
    • Shaft Diameter (Upper): 1¹¹⁄₁₆"
    • Shaft Circumference (Upper): 5¹⁄₄"
    • Knot Circumference: 7¹⁄₄"
    • Knot Diameter: 2⁵⁄₁₆"
    • Shaft Circumference (Lower): 5³⁄₄"
    • Shaft Diameter (With Egg): 2⁵⁄₈"
    • Shaft Circumference (With Egg): 8¹⁄₄"
    • Internal Diameter: ¹³⁄₁₆"
  • Build Yours

    • Shaft Color:

    • Base Color:

    • Metallic Additive:

      If applicable, please specify if this applies to be base, shaft, both, or something else.
    • Glow additive:

      If applicable, please specify if this applies to be base, shaft, both, or something else. Please note that the Violet glow requires a blacklight to charge -- regular lighting won't work well or at all!
    • Add discounted Medium Egg Mold?:

    • Add discounted Small Egg Mold?:

    • Add discounted Egg Insertion Tool?:

    • Quantity

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    • Notes
      We may not be able to honor any requests entered in this box.
      Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.