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Express your inner beast with these unique wearable toys. The inside is very lightly textured for the pleasure of the wearer. Simply squirt some lube inside and slip it over your member. Carefully slide your balls through the hole at the base and you're ready to go!

All toys are made with 100% silicone by our staff of skilled werewolves. Currently, we only offer these in one firmness, which we specifically developed to be hard enough to insert, yet soft enough to easily stretch around your length. All models also have options for internal length and open/closed tips.

Note that these are not contraception devices, nor are they intended to prevent any disease. Safe sexual practices are always advised, such as the use of condoms.
    • WS

      Spelunker Wereable

    • WBW

      Big Bad Wolf Wereable

    • WG

      Growler Wereable

    • WF

      Fluffer Wereable

    • WC

      Clyde Wereable

    • WN

      Neighsayer Wereable

    • WP

      Pride Wereable

    • wereable-inserts

      Wereable Inserts