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Spelunker Wereable

It's a Cocktopus!
Starting from $100
  • Info

    Turn your plain old ordinary penis into an exciting texture-laden tentacle! Two smaller tentacles wrap the balls of the wearer as the lightly textured soft stretchy silicone hugs and caresses the shaft. On the outside, the Spelunker is endowed with a plethora of suction cups and bumps - your hole invaded by its slick length, spreading you wide as it squirms its way up, feeling deep inside your most intimate places.
  • FAQ

    1. What are these things made of?
      We use only premium materials; our silicone toys are all phthalate-free, platinum-cure silicone. They are completely body safe.
    2. How should I clean these toys?
      For a quick clean, warm, soapy water will work well. For a complete clean, we recommend submerging the toy in boiling water for several minutes.
    3. How should I store silicone toys?
      Before storing, you can lightly powder your toys with corn starch.   This will help to keep them clean and lint-free.   Only store platinum silicone toys with toys made from the same quality material, as lesser quality material can react and leach dyes and chemicals.  In this case, it is best to wrap your toys in soft cloth to keep them separated.
    4. Do you color match?
      Yes, we can attempt to color match most colors or pictures for silicone toys. Please send references to [email protected] to confirm if you are unsure.  When ordering, please choose "custom" in the options and put your reference in the notes.  Please note that not all colorations are possible.  If you have a difficult request, it is always best to email us first.
    5. Can you customize the shape of my toy?
      Unfortunately, the only modification we can offer is the internal length and whether or not the tip is open on wereable toys.   Currently, modifications are not possible beyond that.
    6. What is the difference between open/closed  tips on wereables?
      An open tip will allow fluids to pass through the tip of the toy (semen/urine) and will also slide around more on the penis and provide more stimulation to the wearer, whereas a closed tip will stay put a bit more due to suction and provide more stimulation to a partner.

      Here is a video that shows the difference:
    7. Can I use one of your wereables instead of a condom to prevent disease or pregnancy?
      Although silicone is non-porous, and a closed-tip wereable should not allow for fluid exchange, they have not been professionally tested or rated as a contraceptive device nor as a recommended form or protection from any disease.  Condom use is still advised.
  • Dimensions

    • Total Length: 9"
    • Usable Length: 8"
    • Shaft Diameter (Upper): 2"
    • Shaft Circumference (Upper): 6⁵⁄₁₆"
    • Shaft Diameter (Lower): 2¹⁄₄"
    • Shaft Circumference (Lower): 7¹⁄₁₆"
    • Internal Diameter: 1¹⁄₄"
  • Build Yours

    • Color:

    • Internal Length:

    • Open Tip?:

      If selected, the tip of the toy will have a small hole from the urethra/tip to the internal cavity
    • Add discounted Insert Piece?:

    • Add discounted Strap-on Harness?:

    • Metallic Additive:

    • Glow additive:

      Please note that the Violet glow requires a blacklight to charge -- regular lighting won't work well or at all!
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    • Notes
      We may not be able to honor any requests entered in this box.
      Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.