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It's that time of the year again! Ready to hide some eggs?
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Medium Egg Mold (round eggs)

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    Need some eggs for your oviposition fantasy? This egg mold will make 4! Each spherical egg measures 1¾". Simply pour in the gelatin, push the top into the base, and refrigerate.

    Here's a video to help you make the eggs, but note that this is for a differnt style egg mold. While we work on a new video, please use 8oz water and 2oz gelatin in place of the 14oz water and 3oz gelatin in this video.

    Note: the eggs from this mold are NOT for use with the Squick. Attempting to use eggs from this mold will damage the Squick.
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    1. Are these dishwasher safe?
      Yes. They are designed to withstand boiling and freezing.
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