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Larger Single-Egg Mold

Starting from $5
  • Info

    Need some eggs for your oviposition fantasy? This will make a pretty big one! Each egg is a 2³⁄₈" sphere.   Simply pop the two halves together, pour in the gelatin, and refrigerate.

    You can view our recommended gelatin egg recipe with a link to our video guide at

    Note: the eggs from this mold are NOT for use with the Squick, Krubera, Bed Bug, Brogoth, Splorch, or Bork. These eggs are much larger than is indended for those toys and will damage them. The only compatible ovipositor is the G'lorp.
  • FAQ

    1. Are these dishwasher safe?
  • Dimensions

    • Egg Width: 2³⁄₈"
    • Egg Height: 2³⁄₈"
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